How to Recruit people Into Network Marketing

how to recruit people into network marketing

In today's post I want to share with you how to recruit people into network marketing.

Recruiting new reps into your business will get you that much closer to reaching financial and time freedom you want in your life.

What if you could recruit just 2-5 new people every single month, how would your business change?

I hope this post will help you do just that.

There are really two main things that you should always be doing if you want to build and huge team.

  1. Prospecting
  2. Recruiting​

Why it is important to keep recruiting​

In the Network Marketing profession, the big time commisons are earned, when you sign up a new distributor into your business.

You may have heard this before "Get 3 in, and help them get 3" and so on.

I find this to be farthest from the truth if you are looking to generate enough income to leave your job and create your dream lifestyle.

​Different companies have different complans, for instance if I tried to this method I wouldn't even become qualified to earn residuals with the company I am with because, you need to recruit for people first.

But, lets say you try this method and stop recruiting after you enroll 3 new reps. You then help those 3 enroll 3 and so on. You start to get some momentum going your way and now you have a team of 30 people.

Since you stopped recruting, you now have to spend your time trying to convince team members to dupilcate and stay motivated.

After a while people get discourgaed and fistrated and start quiting​, leaving you with a team of 5.

​If you continue to keep recruting, it wouldnt matter if people quit becasue your team is always expanding wide.

You should, Always be Recruiting​

​Recruiting new reps comes down to four steps

These four steps are the process every prospect has to go thru before you can ever recruit them into your business.

If you can learn these four skills you will have the power to recruit new reps every single month for as long as you want to.

This brings me to the first step.

Step 1: Prospecting​

What is prospecting?

It is the conversation you have with a prospect to see if they are open to checking out more information about your opportunity.

Facts out prospecting;

  1. Prospecting is not Marketing​
  2. Prospecting is a skill

Becoming a better prospector will help you be able to generate leads daily, which is really the life line of your business.

Step 2: Inviting

Inviting is annother skill that is benficail to master because, after you have your prospects information it is time to send invite them to checking out some more information.

It can be something like a webinar, home meeting, 3 way call, sizzle call. Whatever it is you want to show your prospects.

The invite may sound simple, but if done wrong you risk the chances of your prospect ever seeing your opportunity.

Having a proper invite, will help you with getting more eyes on you opportunity.

Which leads me to step 3.

Step 3:  Follow-up

This step is a step alot of marketers skip over and leave alot of money on the table.

You know what they say," the fortune is in the follow-up", so follow up with your prospects.

Everytime you end a conversation with a prospect you should have schedule the next time you will follow up with them.

You should follow-u with your prospects when:

  • You get their contact information. ( To invite them)
  • They seen some type of information.
  • Every now and then to see if they may be interested at a different time. (Have a good follow up schedule in place)

After a proper follow-up call with your prospect, if you did the 1st three steps effectiviley then this last step should seal the deal.

Step 4: Closing

The step is the most improtant, becasue this is where you actually make money. This is where you actually grow your business.

Closing is the most important skill out of the four you should try master.​

Although the other steps are money producing activities, they don't put money in your pocket after you successfully do them.

For instance, you would never earn commisons after you invite 30 people to a home meeting.​ Now you may have a few new team memmber after but it isnt from the results of you inviting them there.

An invite is to get people to show up, when they do then you have had a successful invite.​

Closing is what you do/say to get your prospects to take action on getting them started with you in your opportunity.

​Become a recruiting "Machine"

In today's world of the 21st century, the way people are building their business are a whole lot easier than it was before the internet came around.

You can transfer those old school recruiting methods and use them online and generate better results.​

In this free 10 day recruting bootcamp, you will learn how to do just that.

Want to become the hunter instead of the hunted and have your prospects calling you? Do you want your prospects to buy from you even if they don't join your team? Do you want to be able to recruit and sign up new reps while you sleep?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this book will change the way you build you network marketing business.​

Learn what I do to generate my own leads and recruit new reps, with a push of a button. Click here to get your bootcamp today.

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