How To Recruit Online Rejection Free

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Today I want to show you how you can recruit online rejection free.

How many times have your prospects said no to your opportunity?

Its like they are ready to say no regardless how good your company​ is, and what they can achieve if they join with you.

Its frustrating trying to recruit someone who does not have an entrepreneur bone inside of them.

They are the ones that have every excuse in the book to why or why not they can't get started.

You may have heard some of these before:

"I don't have the money"

"Let me think about it"

"Is this one of those pryimad things?"

"I'll be ready next week"

"I don't have the time"

and blah blah blah....​

You know these are all ways to get you out of their face, because they are not ready to join today.

Just because they say NO today doesn't mean they are saying NO forever.

People situations change so having a good follow-up plan can help you recruit those people later down the road.​

You will always deal with lousy rejections talking to non-business minded people.​

The reason is simple, their belief system for building a home based business , or any kind of business, is low and don't think they will have much success.​

I believe there are two main reason why people won't join.

  • The way the receive the information.
  • They are closed minded about business.

The way I use to present my opportunity to prospects was out of excitement and desperation. I knew my business would help change their lives but, I was so desperate to recruit them.

And it showed​.

 I used to reach out to old friends in hopes of them to checking out my business. 

​This was the actual message from the conversation.

​As you can see from the messages, I had no Idea what I was doing. I did all the wrong things when I 1st got started in business.

  • I told my company name. (Not with that company anymore)
  • I didn't find out his needs, wants, or desires.
  • I was to pushy with the amount of income I was going to be generating. 

This was just one message, I literally reached out to at least 10 people a day until I realized, I was doing it the wrong way.

Doing this numerous times showed me it would be much harder to try and convince people why/how my business can change their life.​

This is the reason that made me  go search online for better ways to recruit and build my business.

Luckily I learned the correct way to reach out to people on Facebook, but I still wasn't recruiting anyone.

I only talk to like minded individals I.E. other Network Marketers

This makes prospecting and recruiting much more easy.

Why? Because,​

  • They already know about the industry.
  • They are already involved in a opportuity.
  • They know the value of being involved in Network Marketing.
  • Less likely to give rejections.

​Now, before you get to thinking I actively go out and try to steal other people downlines. That is far from the truth. 

While it is unethical by doing that, I wouldn't want to build my business that way. The way they come into your business can be the same way they leave it.​

You wouldn't want to build a business of "company hoppers" would you?

Now it's a different story if they reach out to you and ask to join with you.

This is the key to recruiting rejection free

​This is where the "Marketing" in network marketing comes into play.

When it comes down to building your business online there are 3 steps you must follow to be successful.​

If you want red hot prospects actively reaching out to you, to join your opportunity you need to learn the skill of "Attraction Marketing".​

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This allows you to generate red hot prospects daily, that are interested in your opportunity. 

How would your business change if 3-5 people contacted you every day looking to join you and your opportunity? How would if feel to never have to deal wit those lousy excuses from prospects​? How would you like to generate red hot, ready to buy prospects on demand?

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This can all be possible if you implement attraction marketing into your business.

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