How to Transfer “Old School” Recruting and Team Building Techniques to the Internet with Automation and Leverage

recruiting and team building techniques

Are you still stuck using those same “Old School” recruiting techniques? Ya know,  hotel meetings, one on one’s, cold calling, etc.Its the 21st centry and while those techniques are still effective, you can get much better results by using those same techniques, using the internet.Check out the post below.Written by FERNY CEBALLOS | Filed under […]

4 Dangers of Cold Market Recruiting

4 dangers of cold market recruiting

Today I want to talk about cold market recruiting and its dangers.​Cold market is simply, people you don’t know.​When you 1st got started with your business, you upline told you to make a list of people your friends, family, enemies, friend of friends, and son. Pretty much just add everybody you can think of. These people […]