Network Marketing Tips:How To Attract People To Your Business

How To Attract People to your business

Today I want to share with you some tips on How to Attract People to your Network Marketing Business.

We all know that being involved in this industry, its not everyday that people will walk up to you and say "Hey, I want to join you in your opportunity" , or " What company are you with"?

If that was the case, everyone building a Network Marketing business would be 6 & 7 Figure earners living the life of their dreams.

​Since this is a "word of mouth" business, you have to actively go out and find people to introduce to your business.

Thats where the REAL work comes in.

Your company should already have training in place to help you build your business. If not then I suggest two things.

​When your 1st get started with a company,the 1st thing they want you to do is build that list of 100 people you know (warm market). This is to help you get your money back quick and build some early momentum in your business.

After you finish with your warm market then, this is where the HARD ​work comes in. You have to go out and talk/prospect your cold market (people you don't know).

I remember back when I used to cold market prospect strangers, it was no fun at all. I was willing to put in the work because, I was doing what my upline told me to do and I wanted to have some success in my business.

One day me and some fellow team members​ went out with my upline and he had us standing at the local gas station waiting to talk to people as they pumped their gas.

The worst part was it was the beginning of the winter season and let me tell you it wasn't the warmest day of the week. I know I was freezing my nose off. 

​Just the week before he had us at the mall chasing down people and infront of Home Depot doing the exact same thing.

Now, I couldnt be mad at the huslte but I knew that this wasn't the way I wanted to do business, chasing down people while they are...​

  • Are busy minding their business
  • Out Shopping
  • And not looking or asking about what I had to offer.

I just knew there had to be a better way, thats when I found this training online​. It completely changed my business now I know...

How to Attract People Instead Of Chasing Them​

"Attraction is not a choice, its a biological instinctual trigger"- Mike Dillard

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So how do you become the hunted? 

You have to become valuable to the marketplace I.E your prospects. You have to increase your self-worth and you can do this by learning new skills.

People are ATTRACTED to leaders/ people that they believe know more than them.

Just look at the people you admire or follow, what attracts you to them, it it because,

  • They offer a lot of value
  • They love themselves
  • They always have/give out positive energy
  • They do what the majority is unwilling do

​These are some characteristics of top leaders in the Network Marketing Industry and if you want people to start reaching out to you then you have to become a leader. There is really no way around it.

The amount of money you make is a direct reflection of your Personal Value Level.

How To Increase your PVL?​

The fastest way to do this is by gaining new skills as I stated earlier. When you start to learn new skills you will become more successful because, you now are more valuable to the world.

You can do this by investing your time/money in training's, book, courses, or anything that will teach you how to build your Network Marketing business.

Just look at professional atheltes, why do they get paid so much money to just go out and have fun all day? Its because they bring value to the world (entertainment). Sports is a billion dollar industry in itself due to the players bringing some much value to the world.

Thats how you want to be to your prospects. Bring value you to them and they will be chasing you down with thier credit card in hand wanting to joint you in your business. 

The more valuable you become to others, the more they will seek you out.​

Always remember this People don't join companies, they join YOU​.

Why Would They Join You In Your Business?

After you aquire all those new skills and after you start implementing them into your business all you have to do now is just go teach it. Simple, right?

How else would they get value you from you if just held in all the information to yourself.

I learned this strategy from Network Marketing Legend Ray Higdon where he confessed is biggest secrets on how he built a 6-figure business.​

​Its called I-L-T. Invest,Learn, Teach. You want to invest your time/money on learning a new skill, and then teaching it to your prospects. You can do this by blogging, youtube video, Facebook Lives, or what every platform your building your audience on.

You will instantly become an athuortiy in whatever you are giving tips on and thats where people will start to seek you out.​

This is the exact same strathey my mentore used to sponsor​ 2,704 Reps & 7,223 New Customers in less than a year.

If you could just get half those results how would your business change? How would your life change?

If you want to learn these same strategies to learn to become the hunted and start getting people to ask you about your opportunity then this is a course you need to get.​ Grab this FREE bootcamp and I look forward to hearing about your success.

I hope you liked this post on How To Attract People To Your Network Marketing Business.

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