Network Marketing Tips: 5 Ways to Generate Leads

5 ways to generate leads

Today I want to share with you 5 ways to generate leads for your network marketing business.

Generating leads to talk to about your opportunity is the lifeline of your business.​ If you don't have anyone to talk to about your business, your business will not grow.

​I hear all the time,

"Where can I find people to talk to about my business?"

"I don't have anyone else to talk to too."

"I already talked to my warm market."

I found, these are just excuses not to prospect and recruit.

If you were to try and talk to everybody in your city, you still wouldn't be able to.

I say this to tell you...

You have an unlimited amount of people to talk to, to generate leads for your business.​

Lets look at some numbers.

The populationsof the World is 7.3 billion.

The U.S population is 320 million​.

My city, D.C has a population of 620,000+ people.​

Now, imagine if you lived in D.C. and you wanted to go prospect 10 people a day.

Do the math... It will take you 62,000 days just to get to everyone in D.C.

Meaning it would be impossible to talk to everyone, but the good news is...

You don't need to talk to 620,000 people, to build a successful business.​ Now that you see there are tons of people you can talk to, lets find out where we can find them.

5 ways to generates leads for your business.

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1. Social Media

Now a days everyone is on social media there is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Google+ you name it.

Facebook is by far the best social media platform I would recommend you use, because you can actively prospect people through Instant message.​

There are 1.7 billion active users on Facebook today.​

You can use these the Facebook platform to build rapport with prospects and find high quality prospects to talk to about your business.​

2. Follow your money​

Where do you spend your money?

Places like the doctors, mechanic, barbershop, nail salon, dentist​, etc are all places where we tend to spend money on a regular basis. You probably know these people on a first name basis.

You are already  known to spend money with these people, so ask to see if they may be open to checking out your opportunity or product/service.

The chances they will check it out, are high.​ Your barber may now be your newest business partner.

3. Tap Rooting your warm market​

This is network marketing, so the best way to grow your business is to expand your network as wide as you can.

One easy way to do this is by, a​sking your warm market for referrals.

That's it. 

If your warm market is not interested, use thier network of friends to see if they may know of anyone who may be interested in what you have to offer.

You never know which one of your friends, knows the next top earner in your company.​

4. ​Networking Events

Alot of people come to these evenst to pitch there latest business or product/service. You see people handing out business cards left and right.

Of course thats the whole purpose of the event, but if your looking to prospect some of these people, I would suggest you leave your business cards at home.

You should go to the event with the mind you are going to collect as many business cards as possible, so you can follow up with them later.

Think about building rapport with your potential prospects so when you follow up, they remember who you are.​

5. Buying Leads​

There are alot of different services where you can buy leads. You can get leads cheap for as little $.50 a leads, depending on the service you use.

I purchased leads in the past, while I didn't sign up any new team members, I did get in contact with people who were semi-interested.​

Leads that you purchase online, can be used so you don't have to actively go out and prospect people to get their information.

These 3rd party services are equivalent to a middle man when it comes to finding prospects. Brain Carruthers is famous for using purchasing leads as he recruited over 100+ people doing so.

These leads are good for practice on the phone as well, but you should do that with the cheapest leads you can find.

But, I found a way where you can cut out the middle man and generates leads for yourself without having to worry about someone hanging up in your face.

Cutting out the middle man

​With this strategy I found it better to generate my own leads online rather than bying them through a 3rd party service.

Why? Because,

  • ​They are more qualifed.
  • They are YOUR leads.
  • You don't have to worry about calling the wrong people.

​My mentor mastered this strategy which, helps him bring in 40-50 red hot leads every single day. I am thankful to come across the same information he did, and now I generate my own leads online without having to worry about leaving my bedroom.

​If you want to learn these same exact steps to be able to generates your own leads today then check out my free 10 online recruiting boot camp.

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Free Recruiting Course

Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads...

Claim Your Free Internet Recruiting Bootcamp

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