Network Marketing Invitation Tips: How To Invite Prospects In Network Marketing

How To Invite Prospects In Network Marketing

Today I want to share with you how to invite prospects in Network Marketing.

Have you heard the analogy "Dont tell the whole movie"?

We all have that one friend who like to spoil it all. There is a movie that you saw on a commercial and you are dying to go check it out.

Then one day your friend that has already seen the movie is very excited to share EVERYTHIG about the movie. All the details, whats going to happen, who's going to die, and the ending.

They spoil your excitement to go see the movie because they just told you everything thats going to happen.

How does that make you feel about the movie?

Are you still curious to see it? Yea maybe you still are but, the excitement you and before they told you about it is not the same.

The same thing goes when you are talking to you prospects about your opportunity.​

Well this is how you want to treat the invite. Always remember rule # 1...


Why You Want To Keep It Short & Simple​

First off you don't want to spoil what you have to show them. Your iviting them to check out more information and if you give a presentation they will determine if its a fit for them based off what you said.

Now while you may give a kick ass presentation, the problem with that is your prospects will think they will have to give presentations to everyone they talk to and that may turn them away.​

Keeping things short and simple allows for easy duplication, because all you have to do is point them to a tool that will do all the explaining  for you.​ Anybody can direct someone to checking out some information.

Also by telling to much, your prospects will try to find ways to rule themselves out based on what you have said during the conversation.​

You tell John 3-4 benefits to why your opportunity is so great, and John gives you 3-4 reasons to why he doesn't need those benefits.​ Try the approach with all your prospects and you drained by all the No's you'll get.

​Always Maintain Your Posture

Well what if they say "what is it?"

Stay in control of the coversation. You have somethig that can possibly change there lives forever.

Simply let your prospect know, that its to much to try ad explain and you have a video that will explain everything. The whole purpose of the invite is to schedule an appointment so you can follow up with more information.

Keep the curiosity built up so they are eager to see what it is you have to show them.​

Some prospects may really want to know what it is you have to show them.

Again, maintain your posture. They may just not be a fit for your team, if they don't want to wait till you send them over some information. Just let that prospect go and move on. 

If you get better at inviting prospects to checking out your presentation then, there is no doubt in my mind you take your business to the next level.​

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