Network Marketing Tips: How to Approach Strangers About Your Business

how to approach strangers about your business

In today's post I want to share with you how to approach strangers about your business.

You already burnt thru your warm market list of family and friends, so now you have to find more people to talk to about your business.

If your serious about building your network marketing business your going to have to reach out to your cold market. These are people the people you dont know. 

​There a tons of people to talk to about your opportunity you just have to take the action and actually go out to find those people. 

But, its really not about what your opportunity or what type of product you have, its about ​weather or not you can help someone and point them to what you have to offer.

 If you don't know how to approach strangers about your business then it really doesn't matter how good your company is...

In reality people don't join companies, they join people. Meaning you can try and talk about how good your company is at the end of the day if they don't feel any type of connection with YOU, then they straight up wont buy from you.​

My upline use to take our team out so we can talk to people about our business. We went to the local mall, waited at gas stations, and stalked peeople as they were leaving or going to their car in parking lots.

One day we went to the mall, not to shop of course, but to apporach strangers about our business. We had a little survey that we would have people fill out to pre-qualify them, to see if they were open to learning more.

​I never was a fan of that strategy because,

  • We were interrupting people while they were shopping
  • We looked like some desperate salesman
  • People were looking at me funny as they were taking the survey (Like why is this guy asking me these random questions)

Of course I knew the whole reason behind it but, it just seemed like trap to get them to look at my business.

I learned that you have to be genuine with people and show more interest in them than they do you to get them to like and trust you. When you are show interest your prospects, they put down their guards and open up to you.

This will start the relationship with you and your prospects off the right way and they will be more likely to checking out your opportunity when that time comes.

So lets dig in to some concepts to use so you can know how to approach strangers about your business.

​1. Start The Conversation

​When was the last time someone started a conversation with you? How did you feel? Did you respond back to them and how did the conversation go?

When you start conversations with strangers, think about it as your just making a new friend. Find a way to break the ice, and start building some rapport with your prospects. 

You can get a good conversation going with anyone by just simply giving them a compliment. This is the #1 way to get a conversation going with anyone.

For example, Lets say your waiting in line at the grocery store and you see someone close by and you want to prospect them. Check them out and see what you can give them a compliment on. It has to be a genuine compliment or your prospect with notice and the conversation will be akward. 

"Hey man, I couldn't help but notice your shoes, they look very comfortable and stylish. I could see my self wearing them out to a nice party, where did you get them?"

Just keep it simple, dont go over board just get the conversation started.

​2. Dont Be The Eager Beaver

I know you want to pitch your opportuntiy to them right now, becasue thats the whole reason you sarted the conversation anyway, right?

But, dont rush it. Take some time here to learn about your prospects. Remember people,join people so if they dont feel like your interested in them, they will not be interested in what you have to offer.​

Your goal here is to, get them to open up, so you can dig down to find out their needs, wants, desire, pains, and fustrations. Now it may be hard to do all of this via the first conversation but really all you need to do is figure out one of these things. Then see how your opportunity o product/service can help them.

Be a Consultant not a Salesman​

3. Bringing up your Business

Now, youve started the conversation, build some rapport, now its time get them to checking out more information about your business.

At some point during the conversation you will dig to find how your opportunity can help them according to their needs, wants, and pains. YOU MUST FIND THIS OUT, or it will be hard for you to introduce your opportunity.​

​Lets say your prospect told you that they are tired of working long hours, because they want to spend more time with thier family. This will be a perfect time to introduce your opportunity.

But, you st'll dont want to pitch and start telling them how your opportunity can help them fire thier boss and work from home.​ While this may be true, your prospect wont understand anything until they see some type of tool (Online presentation, 3-way call, hotel meeting, etc).

What you want to do next is, simply guide them to wanting them to learn more. So you can say something like,

"Hey man, I know you said you were tired of working long hours, because you want to spend more time with your family, if I could show you away where you could make that happen, and it didint interfere with what you already doing. Would you be open to checking out more information?"​

If you approach it this way, your prospect will tell you yes and you now have a hot lead.

Why I don't approach strangers anymore and how you can too

As I told you earlier in the post, I wasnt to much of a fan of the stratgies my upline was using. They didnt fit my style. Im an introvet person so striking up random conversatons just wasnt something I got excited about.

But, I knew I had to talk to people in order for my business to grow. So I turedto the internet for answers and I found a recruiting boot camp​ that showed me step-by-step how to generate leads.

Now I never have to approach strangers about my opportunity and I only talk to people that are already looking for what I have to offer. When I discovered this secret it completely changed my business. 

Let me ask you this, who person woould be easier to bring into your business.

Person A: Who is standing in line at the grocery store buying groceries for the week


Person B: Who is actively searching online, how to make money with a home bases business?

The obvious choce is person b. Well the truht is you can postion yourself so when that person is seraching online 'How to make money with a home based business' they will be directed to your business presentation with a click of a button.

And guess what, you never even started a conversation with that person and they are checking out your opportunity. If you want to learn how you can start attracting customers and leads to your business without have to cold market prospect again then check out this FREE Recruiting Course. (Click here to download)

I hope you like this post on how to approach strangers about your business.

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