How to Get Prospects to Your Network Marketing Event

how to get prospects to your network marketing event

Today I want to share with you how to get people to your Network Marketing events.

Having a good number of people come out to your event, can result to signing up new team members and making some sales. 

As long as you have a well put together presentation, you should have no problem having a successful event.

You have to get people to show up first, so how do you get them to show up?

Home Depot does a very good job at getting their target audience into their store. When a customer is inside of a sote they are more likely to purchase something.

In this case your store is your 'Network Marketing event'​.

Let me explain,

Once a month Home Depot runs a free clinic, for anyone who wants to learn how to lay tile or whatever it is that month they are teaching.

They promote the free class on " How to lay tile". So anyone who wants to learn how to lay tile will obviously be the people who show up. Which is the target market they want to show up.

After the free session is over, the instructor then recommends that they have a 50% off sale on all tiles in the store.

The free class is what is going to bring your target market into your store, I.E your Network Marketing event​.

Home Depot doesn't advertise they have 50% off on all tiles, they advertise the benefit their customers will receive.

You can adapt this same technique to your marketing campaigns.​

​Most Network Marketers are not taught marketing

How do you go about promoting your Network Marketing event?

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Many Networkers don't know anything about marketing so, when its time to promote their event its pretty standard.

"Hey come on out and listen to me pitch my presentation at 7:00 pm"​

Nobody wants to hear you pitch your opportunity to them.

Just promoting the opportunity is asking for people to ignore you. Your likely to have less of a crowd showing up to your event.

Its like when people hear anything regarding an "opportunity", they cringe and automatically have negative and doubtful thoughts.

That's why I suggest  you shouldn't promote the opportunity, instead promote the benefits your product/opportunity can bring to your prospects. I will explain more about this later.

But, before we dive a bit deeper, when it comes to promoting your event. You need to know who it is you want to show up.

If you want people to show up, you must know who you want to show up​

So ask yourself, who are you trying to attract and what are their struggles?

Of course, you may want everyone to show up but how ideal is that.

You put up flyers promoting your event, in hopes your flyer will peak the interest of someone and they come out to your event.

Knowing who your target market is, will better help you communicate with them through your flyer and in result have a better qualified prospect come out.

After you have a understanding of who your target market is, you can then promote your event by leading with the benefits.​

Typical Network Marketers promote the opportunity

​While this may be effective, It is more beneficial to you if your promote the benefits of what your product/opportunity can do for your prospects.

​Lets say your target market are people who struggle with losing weight.

What if you did and event that talked about "5 ways to lose weight without having to go on a diet"​.

​Now by using this approach there is no company name for them to research. To find that one guy who is giving out bad reviews about the company because, he didn't have any success.

You are giving away pure benefit. This will bring more people out to your event.

They have a better chance of purchasing a product or signing up for your opportunity when they are there.

Your main goal is to get as many people as you can to come out to your event and let the event play its part.

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