8 Steps to A Successful MLM Invite

Today I want to share with you 8 steps to a successful invite.

Recruiting is definitely the #1 way to build a big organization/Empire.

Giving a successful invitation doesn't happen by magic or because you seen a shooting star and wished really hard.​ It is a skill that is easy to master with just a little bit of practice you can master the skill.

You can have the #1 product/service and company but if you cant get people to check it out, then guess what.

You won't make money.​

Lets dig into the 8 steps involved in issuing a successful invitation. These steps are good for cold and warm prospects.

Step #1: Be In A Hurry

Believe it or not, people are more attracted to  people who have things going on in their life.​ 

When you are on a phone call or having a face to face conversation, give the impression that you are in a hurry.

why, you may ask?

This will lead fewer question being asked, more likely to have less resistance to what you are saying, and you will gain respect, for you and your time.​

Introduce yourself in a professional business like manner​. An Abrupt introduction doesn't convey the message that you are busy or in a hurry. It will only turn people away from you and you getting a "NO" at the end of the conversation.

Step #2: Offer a Compliment​

​This step will play a HUGE factor to the outcome of the conversation. A person will be much more agreeable to hearing what you have to say...

Just by combing these 1st two steps, it will be hard for people to react negatively to your invitation. ​

We live in a world where compliment are rare, so by you giving a sincere compliment it will make anyone feel good.​

By doing this you instantly build rapport, open their minds to what you are saying, and help you obtain your goal of education and understanding.​

Step #3: Issuing the Invitation​

When inviting prospects to your business, you must remember that each prospect is different so the invitation Approach might be different.

In Network Marketing there are 3 different type of approaches.​

  1. Direct Approach- This Approach is good for when you invite a person to learn more about your opportunity for themselves.
  2. Indirect Approach- For those who give resistance​ while you are educating them, this approach will help them get past that initial resistance.  Ask them for help, their input or guidance.
  3. Super Indirect Approach- Time to bring out the big guns. With this approach you are telling your prospects that your opportunity is not something they would be open to while you ask them for referrals to friends or family. They usually will ask you for more information before they give you names.

Try each approach and learn when and who to use them on.

Step #4​: "If I..., would you...,?"

This step is the secret weapon to your invite.

Asking questions like "If I gave you a website with a presentation, would you watch it?" or " If I invite you to a event, would you attend?"

This phrase is Powerful during your invitation.

Why? Because,

  • You are telling them you will do something if they do something for you
  • You remain in the power seat because, you are offering a value exchange.
  • You offer something of value. When you value what you offer people will you and value your offer.

Steps 5-7 are where you need your prospect to commit to what you will be asking them.

Step #5: Get A Time Commitment

In order for you to know when to follow up you must first know when they will look over whatever tool you directed them to.

Ask them what time would work best for them, but don't say or suggest a time. Let them think about any other things they may have planned, so they can give you a time that they are free.

After you ask the question, wait for them to respond.​

Its not quite time to give them the material, we are professional so take a couple extra minutes to finish a few more steps before you are finished.

Step #6: Confirm The Time Commitment​

Now that the prospect has already confirmed they will look at it and what time they would do it,

Respond with ​something like. " So, if I gave you a call Thursday evening , you will have looked at the presentation for sure, right?

This allows the prospects time to rethink if they will be free and give a stronger confirmation that they will have reviewed your presentation by that time.​

This step is key because, they are more likely to follow through with their commitment.

Let the Prospect set the appointment not YOU​

You asked the questions and let them answer. Simple

Step #7: Schedule your next call

​Its time to get their contact information.

Ask them when would be a good time to call. Grab their number and that's it and that all. 

Step #8: End The Conversation​

Its time to end the conversation. Your in a hurry, right? Remember that.

STOP talking and either hang up the phone or walk away.​ You don't want to  Un-Make the appointment by continuing to talk...and talk...and talk

Its time to let your presentation do the rest of the work. Stand out​ of the way.

Let the System do its work.​

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