7 Steps To Become A Recruiting Machine

7 steps to become a recruiting machine

In today's post I want to help you become a Network Marketing recruiting machine.

​Being able to recruit new reps into your business is what will help you achieve the goals you set out for the year, month, week, or whatever it is.

I know you didn't get involved in the business just to recruit 1, 2, or 3 people and just sit back and watch the cash flow in. Did you?

SO much for the get 3 in and help them get 3, and you will be sipping mojitos in the sun, on a private beach​ somewhere.

There is so much wrong in that plan, that I never understood why uplines really tell their new reps this strategy. ​If your mindset is to just recruit a few people and just HOPE they are going to make you a fortune in this business, then I really want you to evaluate your goals in this business.

No matter how many people you recruit into your business, many will quit, many will just stick around for the products, and many will do a little...

But, there will be a very few who actually have the same work ethic as you and actually work to build a susstainable business. These will be your big dogs, leaders, top producers. Whatever you like to call them​.

Lets do some math, say you can actually recruit 10 people this month. Out of those 10, you may have 3 that will quit, 3 that will do nothing, 3 that will do a little and maybe 1 that will actually become a leader.

So for every 10 people you recruit you will find​ one leader out of the bunch.

​You need to become a recruiting machine so you can get thru the numbers.

You will be able to build your business without the stress of worrying about the other 9 reps who may not be as involved as you want.

But, you know what they say, you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink.

If you want to become an unstoppable force in your business, I have layed out 7 steps that will help you become a recruiting machine.​

Lets get into it...​

​Step 1: Make a Decision

Mindset is key to whatever you want to achieve in life.

Weather its to become a professonal sports player, become the doctor, or become the next presdient of the U.S. the 1st thing you have to do is "Make a Decison" that you want to.

The same goes for this, you HAVE to make a decsion that you are going to become a Recruiting Machine.

No matter how hard you may think it is, you have to tell yourself that no matter what your going to do it.

The sooner you make that decision that your going all in, the sooner you will become better at recruiting.

Step 2: Have a Recruiting Mindset

As I said with step one mindset is KEY.

When becoming a recruiting machine you have to have the mindset of a recruiter.

Now I don't mean just walk up to everybody you see and pitch them about your business. While you may have some success from the guy who is desperate and looking for anything, you won't build the business you want.

​Think more as though you have a gift, which in actuality you do, to share with people you meet.

Your gift is your product/service or your opportunity.​ Everybody loves gift but, only how you present them.

As your talking to prospects keep in mind what you have to offer and see how your gift can best fit thier need/wants.​

Step 3: Collect Friends​

One thing that I noticed in the industry is that all top earners in the industry have something in common, and that is they know how to "Collect Friends".

Its called "Network M​arketing" for a reason, to use your network to market your business. Going to networking events is a good place to collect friends and start building those relationship.

If you had 1,000 friends, and I mean friends not just people you know or associate with, how many of them could you get to look at your business? Probably 70% maybe more.

If you have 700 people look at your business presentation, I have no doubt you can be earning that big resudial check every month​.

Step 4: Create Positive Daily Habits​

​Creating positive daily habits are definitely a good way to help you become a better person overall, but also a recruiting machine.

There are many things you can do every day that will get you a step close to rank advancing in your company.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Connet with atleast one person per day
  • Show your business opportunity to one person per day
  • Spend 30 minutes on personal development per day

Stick with these daily habits and watch how things will start chainge for you for the better.

Step 5: Always Be Prepared

Lets go back to step 3.

Your out collecting friends, building relationships with people and your prospect wants some information right then and there. You cant just give a full presentation on the spot, and you don't want to break the #1 when talking to prospects and that is "Talking to much".

So what do you do?​

You want to always be prepared to share some type of tool with your prospects, something that is easy for your prospects to understand without getting information overload. It should be enough information that they can make a buying decision or they request more information.

You need to get good at telling stories that relate to your business, it can be yours, your upline's, downline's, teacher, firefighter.

Why stories? Because people can relate to certain stories and they will most likely remember what you told them, instead of you giving pointless information about how your complan works, or the owner of the companies name.

Focus on the needs/wants of your prospects and think of a story you can tie your business to that your prospects can relate to.

Step 6: Bring Enthusiasm

Now I say "Bring" because you don't necessarily have to show enthusiasm to your prospects.

They do need to feel and know you are sincere about what your saying. People are bored so if your just talking like a highschool history teacher then you will lose your prospects.

Let them feel why your so excited about what you have to offer, they will look at you different because they will see that your all in, excited, and happy to be sharing this information with them.

With this little tweak in your prospecting you can turn someone from cold to warm very quickly based off your energy.

Step 7: Think Bigger

This is another mindset tip to help you recruit more.

Just THINK BIG. Your thoughts have power over the actions you take.

If you can believe it in your head 1st, then you more likely to taking the neccassary actions to get the desired result.

Think back to the 1st time you see your companies presentation. Think about all the thoughts rolling through your head and all those big goals you wanted to achieve, Like buying that luxury car, taking your family on the best vacation they ever been on, or being able to quit your job.

Thats you thinkking big of what you can achieve in your business.

Do the same with recruiting, don't think you can't recruit 20 people a month, 20 people a week or even 20 people a day.  You never will with that mindset.

Anything can happen when you think BIG and get into action.​

Start thinking that you are the best recruiter on planet earth, and your confidence level will show when your out prospecting​.

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