4 Tips To Inviting MLM Prospects

Today I'm going to share wit your four tips inviting MLM prospects to see your Product/Opportunity.

My last blog post I talked about where to find prospects. After building your list it's time to follow up and get them to see either your product(s) or opportunity​.

Which ever one you want to show them is ultimately up to you and how the conversation is going with your prospects. If they show signs of needing extra income, don't like their job or wants to spend more time at home with their family then, inviting them to see a product to lose weight might not be the best approach.​

Get it?

Let your prospect tell you what their problem is and you simply show them a answer to their problem via your product/service or business.​

This will allow you to better push their pain points and build their curiosity to checking out whatever it is you are introducing them too.​

The more information you can get out of them the better your chance is with them ACTUALLY checking out your information. We all have had those prospects that said they would check out some information, but always has an excuse to why they haven't seen it yet.

Unfortunately that is part of this business. You will have tons of prospects like that and the best way help that is to continue to build your LIST ​and...

Continue to keep inviting mlm prospects to see your business.

​When it comes to inviting prospects you don't want to pitch your business or try to impress them with the knowledge of how great it is.

By doing that, while it may be helpful for your ego,  it will definitely not benefit your bank account.​

You want to use to be sending you prospects to a see some sort of tool (Online video, 3-way call, flip chart, magazine, Cd, etc.)​. Find whats works best for you and train your people how to effectivly do the same and invite thier prospects to plug in

Lets take a moment o go over these 4 tips to inviting mlm prospects to check out your business.​

Tip 1: Emotionally Detach Yourself​

​Remember as Network Marketers, your goal is to educate your prospects to help them understand how your business can benefit them. 

You have to get your emotions out of the way and don't worry about the outcome. It is difficult to do but, can be perfected with a little practice.​

We came into this business to make money, so in fact we need to recruit more people, which is hard to try and disconnect from those expectations when prospecting.

Stop focusing on getting a sale or a new distributor, you will run your prospects away and you will constantly be disappointed.

Focus on educating your prospects, in return you will have fun and your prospect will enjoy the experience.​

Tip 2: Be Yourself​

So many people try and be someone else when they are inviting. While they think they are sounding or looking "professional" this makes it uncomfortable.

Your prospect knows when you are not genuinely being yourself because most of the time you are trying to remember scripts that make you seem like a "Salesman"​.

Simply, focus on being the best self.

Tips 3: Bring Some Passion

Your prospects will get excited if you are. If they see the passion you have behind your business, they will feel the energy and think " What is this business that has him excited".

Get Fired up, Get Focused.

Before you hop on a call or before you go out prospecting, listen to some music that inspires you.

Your positive emotion will translate into better results.

Tips 4: Have Strong Posture

Now, by posture I don't mean, standing or sitting up with our back straight and your head up. Although you do want to have proper standing or sitting posture because body language can tell a prospects if you are serious or not.

What I mean by posture is, you are confident, bold, and strong when inviting prospects​. You want to let your prospect know that you are serous and what you have to offer can help their current situation.

Tip # 1 can also help with this, because when you take the motion out of the equation, you can be more confident about educating your prospect about your amazing business.​

Keep this tips in mind when inviting prospects and see how your results change.

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